Pakistan International Oil Limited considers Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality (HSEQ) as an integral part of its business planning and operational activities. We firmly believe that all incidents are preventable and require persistent efforts by all employees and contractors to collaborate in achieving this objective.

We at PIOL prioritize the well-being and safety of our workforce and manage HSEQ with the same level of attention as essential business operations. We believe that the safe delivery of projects is critical for our success and aim to deliver the work program with zero injuries. We constantly strive to improve our HSEQ performance and nurture a safe working environment for our workforce.

Our health, safety, environmental, and quality (HSEQ) policy is based on strong principles encompassing compliance with relevant environmental regulations, industry standards, and best practices. We follow industry best practices and guidelines to minimize the risk of process safety events. We believe that effective communication plays a vital role in ensuring that everyone who works for PIOL understands the risks associated with their work and the measures in place to mitigate those risks. PIOL also maintains appropriate forums to involve and communicate with the internal and external stakeholders and to integrate their feedback in its continual improvement cycle.

Our HSEQ commitment extends to all employees and contractors. We require them to adhere to the HSEQ framework to maintain a safe and healthy workplace besides protecting the environment and communities.