Giuseppe De Rosa

Acting Managing Director & Head of Appraisal and Development

Mr. Giuseppe De Rosa has been serving as the Head of Appraisal and Development since 16 January 2023. He has also been appointed as the Acting Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer of the Company with effect from 1 November 2023.

Mr. De Rosa has diverse, multinational experience of 36 years with several major Exploration and Production companies. He has held various technical and leadership roles in subsurface, production technology and field development plans. Mr. De Rosa has worked in South America, Europe, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Pakistan, and Indonesia. Since 2014 he has been engaged in major deep-water field developments in Angola, Mozambique, and Indonesia. More recently, he was managing a mature giant field producing asset in Iraq.

Mr. De Rosa holds a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering from The University of Tulsa, USA.